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Our Story: What's Happening

Kauai’s origins are volcanic, having been formed by the passage of the Pacific plate over the Hawaiian hotspot. At approximately five million years old, Kauai is the most ancient island of the main islands. Archaeologist suggest that the indigenous people of Kauai had been living here for over up to 1500 years before the arrival of Captain Cook in 1778. Since that time the fertile soils of Kauai have been the perfect place for industrial farmers to grow the most productive crops of sugar cane, pineapples, and papayas. The name Moloa’a comes from Moloa’a meaning ”matted roots” referring to paper mulberry trees or wauke which once grew so thickly on these lands.

In the year 2002, on land that had been fallow for 20 years with the prior history of papaya, pineapple and sugar cane cultivation. Ned and Marta Whitlock began an organic farm on 28.5 acres with a simple vision of restoring the land and one day providing their growing family and the people of the island with all the organic food and exotic tropical fruit that they would ever need. Armed only with tools and tractors that they shipped to Kauai in two sea containers, and an undying passion to farm, they began to carve their dream out of the densest sea of invasive guinea grass. As they began selling excess food that they did not need at farmers market and using the profits from these initial gardens to expand, Ned and Marta were able to fund the infrastructure and planting of new orchards, and piece by piece, establish more gardens and plant more orchards. Since its inception in 2002, Moloa’a Organica’a has become known by locals and tourists alike as one of the most consistent growers of high quality organic produce and exotic tropical fruit on the Garden Isle. Today, nearly every square foot of the 28.5 acres is densely planted with the most astonishing variety of tropical fruits, organic produce, medicinal herbs, and native edibles. Moloa’a Organica’a attends five farmers markets weekly, and provides fresh produce and fruit to over a dozen health food stores, resorts, and restaurants including, Papaya’s, Harvest Market, Hukilau Lanai, Healthy Hut, Hoku, and many more.

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