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A gratitude reminder from the seeds.... to the keiki to Hannah to you!

Hannah in her element!

It’s easy to get caught up in everything that’s happening in the world right now. Recently when I’ve started feeling overwhelmed with the bigger picture, I also remind myself to focus in on small, beautiful details of where I am—details that keep me grounded and rooted. A big influence on this mindset has been stepping into the role of the nursery manager since coming to the farm.

This week I was most grateful for seeding cilantro—seeds that Marta and Ned had brought back from their time in Chile.

Today was hot

My body absorbed so much heat

So much sunshine.

I reminded myself to stay present in the seeds. 

My fingers became friends with 864 of them today. 

carefully placing each single seed into its each cell block in the soil tray.

It was during this process that 4 year old Sayala—the youngest member of the Whitlock family—came into the nursery.

“I want to do one” she tells me.

and so I give her a seed. She places it in a cell block. “I want more” she says. And before I know it we are seeding cilantro together. Carefully placing each single seed in each cell block together. And as we sprinkle and pat down potting soil over the freshly placed seeds, Sayala says, “We are tucking them in to sleep.”

And I say, “Yes, we are tucking them in for a rest so they can grow into a beautiful, strong plant.” 

It was then than that gratitude came over me. We were taking part in something so magical. The start of a new process of growth and nourishment for the farm. Sayala reminded me how important it is for us all to be tucked in to rest during a time like this, so that we may go within ourselves. Take time for ourselves. Get some rest. Relax. Recuperate. Rejuvenate. So that we may grow into stronger, more beautiful versions of ourselves that just needed a little time and sunshine and soil.

This little keiki full of wisdom!

Fast forward to Tuesday night

Taco Tuesday

A tradition I jumpstarted on the farm!

As I walk out to the fields to harvest cilantro

I will be thinking of the immense gratitude and magic I felt while seeding it.

And be filled with gratitude in taking part in something so vibrant as providing organic, nutritious and delicious food for not only our Moloa'a community but the island community and Hawaii as a whole. What better way to nourish our bodies and minds than with food that was grown with the care and love of so many hardworking farmers. Mahalo to everyone for supporting our farm, to keep the food growing and the magic alive. I will think of you all with each seed that is placed in each cell block.


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