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Updated: Mar 18, 2020


Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo for all of the support you have shown us in the past few days. We are so grateful for this community. We feel the love!

Starting this Friday, we will have farm shares available for you all. This will be offered as an alternative to markets, as they have been cancelled in these uncertain times.

Moving forward, pick up for farm shares will solely be on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2pm-5pm at Anaina Hou. This is a tentative arrangement and could change to a location in Moloa'a.

We will offer two size boxes: $18 personal box (small) and $30 family box (large). There will also be a fruit share add on available. We will limit the amount of shares to 25 small and 50 large each day. On Friday we will also allow for personalized boxes and the amount of these will depend on the availability of the produce. We can not accommodate for special orders under $40.

Farm shares will be open for purchase on the website the day before pickups. Monday morning from 630-7am for a Tuesday pick up and Thursday morning from 6:30-7am for a Friday pickup. We will see how this goes the first week, and reflect on whether we will be able to add another pickup day.

THIS FRIDAY, BECAUSE OF THE CURRENT WEATHER AND THE CHANGE IN MARKET SCENE THIS WEEK, WE WILL HAVE A LARGER AMOUNT OF BOXES AVAILABLE FOR THE COMMUNITY. There will be 110 large farm shares available, and 40 small. There will also be custom shares available, again listed by the amount of extra produce.

If you have any allergies, please let us know. We can accommodate for them. However, if you simply dislike a certain vegetable we encourage you to share it with a neighbor if you receive it in your CSA box.

Rules for pick up:

We will be delivering shares to vehicles. You will give us your name and number and we can get your produce together for you.

You MUST pick up during designated times, if you miss the pickup window you will not be refunded for that week. If you are unable to pick up during the designated times, we encourage you to ask a neighbor or friend to pick up your box for you.

Our goal is to try to accommodate as many people as we can during this time of shutdown and still provide healthy, organic produce to the community. On this website, you can sign up for small or large share CSA boxes, as well as special order boxes over $40, all with the option of a fruit share. The boxes will be diverse each week filled with vegetables harvested on the day of pick-up. Due to the unpredictability of farming, we cannot guarantee any specific item. People who sign up for our CSA will be informed of the produce provided in their box along with some great farm favorite cooking recipes.

Again, so much appreciation for our Kauai community!


Meg and Liz

Moloa’a Organica’a

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